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Vows Renewal

What is marriage?

Marriage is a promise. A promise that we commit to every single morning. A promise to work together to weather whatever life throws at you, the good and the bad. To hold tight to each other when the going gets tough and to give each other the freedom to achieve your dreams.

Renewing your vows is the perfect way to reaffirm the love that has kept you together through the years.

Perhaps you have come through a life event that could have broken you but instead showed you how strong your marriage is. Or come to the brink of breaking up but instead held fast and found a way through together. Maybe you are celebrating a special anniversary milestone or just woke up one day and decided you were still so in love with this person next to you that you needed to share that love with the world.

Or maybe you want a do-over to get something right that went wrong the first time around.

No matter the reason, planning a renewal of vows ceremony is the perfect way to turn another page and commence the next chapter in your love story.

Why Choose Me?

I love to celebrate people’s stories with them. And a renewal of vows or commitment ceremony is a testament to the stories you have created together.

In planning a wedding ceremony, my aim is to create wonderful, long lasting memories. In planning a renewal of vows ceremony, my aim is to celebrate the memories you have made together. You may have a clear picture of what you want your ceremony to say, or just be certain of the person you are saying it to and a little hazy on the rest of the details. If you are unsure of where to start, I can provide you with commitment and renewal of vows ceremony ideas that we can tailor to reflect your life and love. No two stories are exactly the same and neither will two ceremonies be. You have laughed, loved, cried and celebrated together.

Because the monitum and vows are not required, the ceremony can be completely unique to you. There are no words that dictated by law. It can be sweet, touching, amusing, brutally honest or all of the above. You can make promises to children or just each other. You can and involve children an other people as much (or as little) as you want, wear what you want and celebrate how you want.

Together we will find the perfect way for you to reaffirm your love and say “I still do.”

What is a vow renewal ceremony?

At the heart of it, a renewal of vows wedding ceremony is a commitment ceremony. And commitment ceremonies can be performed for reasons other than renewing your vows such as:

  • Celebrating a marriage that took place overseas with friends and family who couldn’t be there.
  • Not feeling the need for a legally recognised marriage, but you would like to commit to one another in a public declaration in front of the central people in your lives.
  • You are bringing or have brought a child into the relationship and you would like to celebrate by declaring to provide a warm and loving home for them for life.

Whatever the reason for your celebration of love and commitment, you should be able to declare it at the top of your voice.

Vow Renewal Location Tips

A backyard BBQ is often the choice for people celebrating a renewal of wedding vows, but the best thing about committing to your love is that you can do it anywhere you like!
Vow renewals may be intimate, relaxed and no fuss, or they may be extravagant and lavish.
Are you considering a renewal of vows in Sydney, the Western Suburbs or lower Blue Mountains? If so, here are some popular (and romantic) ways to say “I still do”.

  • A spectacular, unspoilt beach.
  • A resort getaway for you and your friends.
  • By sweeping views in the Blue Mountains.
  • A winery complete with wine tastings and local fare.
  • A park or lookout with spectacular ocean views.
  • Right in your backyard.
  • Museums and galleries
  • A harbour cruise

Located in the Western Suburbs and servicing the greater Sydney and Lower Blue Mountains area, as well as Kangaroo Valley and the Hunter Valley, please contact me for a commitment or renewal of vows celebrant near you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Renewing your wedding vows is a personal choice. Some people do it to reaffirm their love for their partner after a particularly difficult time or to celebrate a milestone anniversary. You may choose to renew your vows for any reason or none at all. If you are still in love after getting to know every odd quirk, unique habit, and all the baggage that is along for the ride then that is cause enough to celebrate the journey you are on together and the road ahead.

  • You can renew your vows any time after getting married. After a month or 50 years. It is completely up to you how soon or how long after you get married you renew your vows if you choose to. Or even how often. You can choose to combine a photo shoot and vows renewal to celebrate and reaffirm your commitment to each other every year on your anniversary if you wish.

  • You do not need to complete any official paperwork to renew your vows are this is a symbolic ceremony, not a legal one. Because you this is not a legal commitment, I need to make it clear to the guest that this is a renewal of vows and has no legal standing.

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