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Funeral Celebrant Services Sydney

“If you have a warm and caring heart, your loved ones will ensure you never depart. For long after you’ve turned that final page, you’ll still be right there on centre stage.” – Paskavich

Grief can be an overwhelming feeling. One in which the world comes screeching to a halt and yet so many things need to be done. Questions you never thought to ask need answering. Who conducts a funeral service? What is a civil funeral celebrant? How do I know what needs to be done?

Dealing with the death of anyone close to you can be distressing. Let me step in and guide you through the process while you work on finding your feet in a world that has changed.

Why Choose Me?

A compassionate and personalised service is what you will receive when you choose me to assist you in saying goodbye to someone special.

Along with practical advice I’m available to provide the support you need and to remove the stress you don’t.

Funerals are a way to say farewell, to mourn, to find closure and to celebrate the joy people we have loved have brought to our lives. If the person was not religious, then as a civil celebrant I can help you create an authentic way to commemorate the life of your loved one.

There is no set formula for a funeral, just as there is no set formula for a happy life. Together we will find the right words to express your feelings and the perfect elements to reflect their life and personality. I am here to listen to the stories that made up their life, the ones that made you smile, laugh and even roll your eyes in disbelief.

If you decide that I am the right person to help you after meeting, we will discuss the elements you would like to include in the service.

I will invite you to tell me about your loved one so I can get a sense of their life and assist me in writing a service that truly reflects their personality. We will also discuss who would like to give a eulogy, if you would like myself or someone else to give a specific reading, the music you would like played, and anything else you would like to personalise the service.

How to plan a funeral

Sometimes life throws us a curveball and lets us know what is in store for us.

If it is your own funeral you are planning, you can be assured of pragmatic, empathic support as you plan your service in advance.

Planning your own funeral service can be a way to ensure the people you leave behind are well cared for in their time of grief, make sure you have the service you want or bring a smile to the faces of people you love.

No matter the circumstances, it would be an honour to assist you to create the perfect send off for someone who has been an important part of your life.


Servicing the greater Sydney area, from Kangaroo Valley to the Hunter Valley, contacting me is the quick way to find civil funeral celebrant near you.

Not tied to a specific service or venue, using me as your funeral celebrant in Sydney allows you to plan the service your loved one deserves in the location they would want.

While there are regulations in place regarding funerals, a memorial service itself can be held wherever you feel is appropriate.

If a celebration of your loved one’s life better reflects them by holding it at their favourite park, beach or bowling green I will work with you to secure the venue and create a memorial service that reflects their life and loves.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A funeral celebrant is someone who is committed to helping you create a professional, personalised ceremony. Civil celebrants are not affiliated with any religion or belief in a specific afterlife.

    My aim as civil funeral celebrants is to perform a funeral service that truly reflects your loved one. Where a funeral director will be focussed on all elements of the funeral, a celebrant is focussed on the service itself.

    A funeral celebrant will assist you with everything you need to plan and perform the service itself. Readings, music, rituals, photo galleries and telling stories that remind everyone of why they were such an important part of everyone’s lives.

  • Absolutely. Everyone is different, and the way they would like to be remembered is equally as different. I can assist with memorial services tailored to your needs, the scattering of ashes or whatever type of send off you envision. Some personalities shine brighter than others and cannot be done justice by a subdued graveside service.

  • Average fees for funeral celebrants in Sydney vary between $250 – $600 depending on the length of the service and what is involved. Please contact me for more specific pricing in line with your needs.

Looking for support and direction?

I’d love to help you say goodbye the way you want to.

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