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Baby Naming Ceremony Services Sydney

Often, when thinking of a naming ceremony, we think of the naming ceremony for a baby. But a naming ceremony can be a time to bring blended families together, celebrate a change of name for a step-child or welcome an adopted child into your family.

Naming ceremonies are about bringing together the important people in the life of the child or person being welcomed into your family in order to make a commitment to being a support in their lives. And about celebrating your family for the uniqueness of each person that makes it up.

A naming ceremony is not a christening, however many people still use this time to ask close friends to be God-parents to their child. Rather than playing a role in their spiritual upbringing, the role has become one of being a mentor and support in life.

While a naming ceremony is a non-religious celebration, it does not preclude your baby from being baptised in a church of your faith as well should you choose.

Why Choose Me?

Every story has a beginning, and the start of one person’s story may just be the plot twist in someone else’s. Whatever your style of celebration, it would be my pleasure to help you mark the beginning of this new chapter.

If this is your first time planning a naming day or if you are looking for some new ideas as you welcome your second or third addition to your family, I can help you put together a ceremony that reflects your family and the life you wish for your child.

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Naming Ceremony Ideas

Naming ceremonies are not bound by a specific order of events, they can be carefree and fun or a day you create the beginning or your own family traditions. Your child’s naming ceremony is entirely up to you.

How you mark this occasion entirely up to your own imagination and can be as simple as a sand ceremony or as elaborate as a creating your own God-parent’s/Life Mentors vows.

Some naming ceremony ideas include:

  • Create a time capsule with cards, wishes, newspaper clippings, and pictures from siblings to be opened when they turn 21.
  • Make a video record of the day with everyone present giving a message to the child to be played at their 21st birthday.
  • If you hold the ceremony in the backyard of a home you own you can plant a tree in the child’s honour.
  • Have everyone participate in creating a unique piece of artwork to be hung in the child’s room.

Naming Ceremony Location Tips

It is important to consider all guests, big and small when planning the location of your Naming Ceremony.

If you have younger guests, a park, local hall, back yard or anywhere there is plenty of safe space for children to play may be the right choice for you.

Inside, outside, playground or backyard; if you are planning a Naming Ceremony in Sydney, the Western Suburbs the lower Blue Mountains, or the Hunter Valley, please contact me for a relaxed discussion about how to plan the perfect welcome for your new addition.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A baby naming ceremony, or naming day, is a non-religious, informal gathering of friends and family to celebrate the arrival of a new child, or children. It can involve all the people in your family, as well as friends and other loved ones.

  • A celebrant is not a requirement for a baby naming day, however having someone with experience and expertise can help. As a celebrant my only vested interest is to support you in creating and having the day that you want and to free you up from the duties of host in order to let you concentrate on the important job of being a proud, new parent.

  • That all depends of what you, as parents, would like to happen. A naming ceremony is not just for the arrival of a new child. It can be to unite a blended family, welcome an adopted child, celebrate a step-parent adoption or change of name for older children and young adults.

    Naming ceremonies tend to involve all the important people in a child’s life and it is a time to come together to commit to playing a supportive role in the child’s life. As the old adage says, it takes a village to raise a child.

    Poems, readings, quotes and rituals such as time capsules, lighting naming day candles and the giving of blessings/wishes can be included as part of welcoming the addition to your family.

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